Transportation Services (Non-Emergency)

We Now Offer Non-Medical Transportation Services to all our Clients Call your insurance company from the number on the back of your insurance card to request services. We are contracted with most insurance companies to provide transporation services. If you are a “Waiver” client you can contact your service coordinator and ask to add us as your personal transportation company through Medicaid/ Medicare. We are licensed through Medicaid to provide service with or without our Contracted companies.

If you are currently enrolled on healthcare services and you have no way to get to your health care appointment, you may be eligible for transportation. Ty’s Healthy Healers now offers to all clients the Non-medical transportation services to get you to and from needed non-emergency healthcare appointments. These appointments must be for services allowed by your current enrolled program.

All Waiver Participants can call their Service Coordinators to add a monthly transportation budget. Request to add Tys Healthy Healers transportation to your transportation budget and we can take you to and from all Social Activities per your request.

For comments, questions or schedules regarding Transportation Services, email or call our office at 814-459-1393.